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Wide-Angle Isometric Grid Sketchbook

The Isometric Grid Sketchbook is 60 pages of 3D drawing fun. Crisp white sheets with double-sided, light teal lines in a flexible, saddle-stitched kraft cover book.

Price: $3.99
2-point Perspective 3D Grid Sketchbook

This 2-point perspective grid notebook has a long, 10.35" x 8" page size for awesome landscape drawings. Whether it's perspective drawing, product design sketches or something else that's just as cool, this flexible 60-page notebook is a lot of fun for the drafters of every skill level. The lines are thin, light teal that can be lightened and disappeared after scanning.

Price: $3.99
Circular Grid (Polar Coordinate) Sketchbook

This 8.5" x 8.5" circular gridded sketchbook features polar coordinate graph lines with angle measurements at 10º increments. Perfect for drawing mandalas, sketching circular logos, creating geometric/geocentric patterns and probably a few other cool uses. 60 double-sided pages.

Price: $3.99