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Versa Ruler (set of 4) Complete Sketchbook & Sketch Pad Selection (11 items) Ring Ruler
Ring Ruler
Price: $11.95

The Versa Ruler is a scalable system of rulers which allows for the fluid creation of unlimited, multi-sided shapes. Create joints by snapping rulers into the sliding protractor assemblies. Connect 2 or more rulers and create closed shapes that are both scalable and lockable. Rulers pivot and slide along their lengths-- and can also be connected end-to-end for extended lengths and proportions.

Our special offer gift set includes our complete selection of gridded sketchbook, sketch pads and notepads. 11 books in total The Ring Ruler™ is a size-adjustable, circular ruler.
Room Grid (1-point Perspective) Sketch Pad Sphere Grid (5-point Perspective) Sketch Pad Ring Ruler Mini
Ring Ruler Mini
Price: $6.95
This Room grid sketch pad features a 1-point perspective grid with containing walls and center markers; Small overhead grid on top left provides the option of a bird's eye view; An area for titles/notes is also included on the top right;

Room grid (1-point perspective) design allows for drawing realistic room interiors and layouts;
9" x 12" sketchpad is tape-bound for easy tearing of sheets, with a kraft cover and hard chip board backing; 40 sheets printed on both sides with light teal ink;
This sketch pad features 5-point perspective grid paper –which resembles graph lines that wrap around a sphere with radiating lines from the middle center. Great for bird's eye view compositions with exaggerated curved earth perspective;

Sphere grid design allows for drawing radially from a spherical center, creating an exaggerated perspective that draws the eye inward; 8.5" x 8.5" sketchpad is tape-bound at the top for easy tearing of sheets, with a kraft cardstock cover; 40 sheets of 80lb. paper printed on both sides with light teal ink;

The Ring Ruler Mini™ is a size-adjustable, circular ruler.
Bear Claw - Tripod Grip, 2B Pencil Guitar Tab Notebook Circular Grid (Polar Coordinate) Sketchbook
Bear Claw - Tripod Grip, 2B Pencil
Price: $4.99 / pack of 6 pencils
Pack of 6 pencils Guitarists rejoice! Finally there is a guitar tab notebook for capturing those inspired riffs and melodies. 5 staves and 6 blank chord diagrams on each of the 60 pages. Back cover also includes some handy references like a key chord chart and circle of fifths diagram. This 8.5" x 8.5" circular gridded sketchbook features polar coordinate graph lines with angle measurements at 10º increments. Perfect for drawing mandalas, sketching circular logos, creating geometric/geocentric patterns and probably a few other cool uses. 60 double-sided pages.