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Ring Ruler
Price: $11.95
Bear Claw - Tripod Grip, 2B Pencil
Price: $4.99 / pack of 6 pencils

The Versa Ruler is a scalable system of rulers which allows for the fluid creation of unlimited, multi-sided shapes. Create joints by snapping rulers into the sliding protractor assemblies. Connect 2 or more rulers and create closed shapes that are both scalable and lockable. Rulers pivot and slide along their lengths-- and can also be connected end-to-end for extended lengths and proportions.

The Ring Ruler™ is a size-adjustable, circular ruler. Pack of 6 pencils
Guitarists rejoice! Finally there is a guitar tab notebook for capturing those inspired riffs and melodies. 5 staves and 6 blank chord diagrams on each of the 60 pages. Back cover also includes some handy references like a key chord chart and circle of fifths diagram. This 8.5" x 8.5" circular gridded sketchbook features polar coordinate graph lines with angle measurements at 10º increments. Perfect for drawing mandalas, sketching circular logos, creating geometric/geocentric patterns and probably a few other cool uses. 60 double-sided pages. This 2-point perspective grid notebook has a long, 10.35" x 8" page size for awesome landscape drawings. Whether it's perspective drawing, product design sketches or something else that's just as cool, this flexible 60-page notebook is a lot of fun for the drafters of every skill level. The lines are thin, light teal that can be lightened and disappeared after scanning.
The Isometric Grid Sketchbook is 60 pages of 3D drawing fun. Crisp white sheets with double-sided, light teal lines in a flexible, saddle-stitched kraft cover book.
This small wooden sharpener features 2 holes for both regular and thick pencils. Also sharpens jumbo-sized, triangular pencils. 8.5" x 5.5" notepad with 25 sheets; Glue bound for easy tearing of sheets