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Neuromore Technologies

Mental Clarity Through Focused Neural Stimulation
Project 07

Neuromore Technologies

Neuromore creates biosensor software that is pioneering a new form of cognitive enhancement, informally dubbed "digital meditation." They were looking for a modern brand style that could communicate their concept while also being a clean and reworkable theme.

  • Client: Neuromore Technologies
  • Role: Art Direction, Web Design
  • Year: 2016

Copa Miami

Miami Hosts its own International Soccer Tournament
Project 08

Copa Miami, LLC

Copa Miami aims to be the brand of International Soccer in Miami by putting together a exhibition tournament between World Cup teams. They wanted an icon that would represent soccer, but also be uniquely Miami.

  • Client: Copa Miami
  • Role: Art Direction, Logo Design
  • Year: 2015

Polaris eBikes

Light years ahead of the competition
Project 01

Polaris e-Bikes Brand redesign

The Polaris brand is a global name in all-terrain vehicles. Their new e-bike division continues the tradition of excellence —and VIGA design is proud to help to bring this new brand into the 21st century with some eye-catching visuals.

  • Client: Polaris eBikes
  • Role: Art Direction, Design, Web Design
  • Year: 2013

Sony International

Kodachrome in Print
Project 02

Sony International Product catalog

Sony International's South America division wanted a fresh look for their high-end photographic equipment catalog. The result was a clean, chromatic aesthetic that conveys energy with the lens as the point of inference.

  • Client: Sony International
  • Role: Art Direction, Design
  • Year: 2012

The Clevelander

Make it POP!
Project 03

The Clevelander Pin-Up Girl Campaign

The Clevelander has been one of the hottest spots on South Beach for the better part of the last century. This pin-up girl campaign was a classic nod to a bygone era of Art Deco style and 1950s "Cadillac Diner" glossiness.

  • Client: The Clevelander
  • Role: Art Direction, Photo Retouching
  • Year: 2009

Miami Dade College

What's Cooking on Campus?
Project 04

Miami-Dade Culinary Identity

When Miami-Dade College opened its new culinary school, they sought a tasteful representation for their new brand. The challenge was to create a brand that would be fresh and invigorating; but also endure as a competiitive institution on the global stage.

  • Client: Miami-Dade College
  • Role: Art Direction, Corporate Naming, Illustration, Web Design
  • Year: 2010

Opustone Ad Campaign & Website

Set in Stone Make s for a lasting Impression
Project 05

Opustone Animal instinct ad campaign

Opustone is one of the largest and most popular high-end natural stone distributors in South Florida, with 2 locations in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. When they wanted a new ad campaign that would set them apart from their competitors, the result was a combination that highlighted the beauty of their new stones with the vigor of the animal spirit.

  • Client: Opustone Natural Stone Distributors
  • Role: Art Direction, Illustration, Print Design, Web Design
  • Year: 2009

Nu|2 skin care Logo & Website

More than Just Cosmetic Work
Project 06

Nu|2 skin care Logo & Website

The launch of the Nü|2 skin care line of products involved the challenge of building upon the success of a well-established dental care business. A new luxury brand emerged that has developed into a complete cosmetic care system.

  • Client: Nü|2
  • Role: Art Direction, Logo Design, Web Design
  • Year: 2008

Connecting through Brand

is like telling a story. It can be simple and straightforward; or might have a few twists along the way. Whatever your story is, the photos, phrases, fonts and colors you choose set the tone of the conversation with your customer. And more than ever before, the technology with which you choose to communicate is almost as important as your message. So what will your story be?

Visual Language

Whether it's a company logo, a web site or some new marketing materials, VIGA design has you covered. With over 12 years in business, we have an efficient network of web host providers, programmers, photographers, commerical printers, promotional product specialists and copywriters to help your brand sing.

Our Services:

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South Florida / South America

Located in the Miami area, many of our clients are local businesses which require graphic design services. However, with the ever-increasing convenience of communication technology, several of our most active clients are based in all corners of the country. With a proficiency in Spanish and knowledge of Latin markets, our network extends beyond our US borders as well.

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