Bear Claw Thick Triangular Colored Pencils 12-pack
Bear Claw Thick Triangular Colored Pencils 12-pack

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Price: $18.97 / pack of 12 pencils

Product Code: KT-31

The Bear Claw is back! 12 bold, essential colors encased in beautiful, thick triangular red wood. The natural, unfinished feel and balance of these slightly stubbier wood pencils make it a very comfortable instrument for drawing, coloring or shading. At a length of 6.25 inches and thickness of 9 millimeters, these puppies weigh in at an impressive 8 grams and feel great in small hands and large hands alike.

Our favorite feature of these pencils is the 4 millimeter-thick, soft color core– which is water-soluble for smooth and easy blending of colors. Combine the controlled precision of drawing with the fluid feel of painting in one medium! Achieve beautiful results blending with water or mineral spirits on your favorite watercolor paper. And because of its thick and soft core, the dry blending quality of these rich pigments allows you to build continuous tone on a variety of surfaces without applying too much pressure. Professional results can be accomplished using layering and burnishing techniques.

The selection of colors themselves is the best part of this pack. First, we've included White and Peach. We figured the ability to add highlights and also have a base skin tone would be an essential feature for a great 12-pack. We also went with a bold, electric Magenta instead of the more traditional Pink. All of our colors have been carefully selected from PMS color swatches to provide a total spectrum of color temperatures and hues. The corresponding PMS number (and hex code) for each color are printed on the box.

The color dipped tip is the final touch on these very cool color pencils. You should totally pick up a pack of these and try them for yourself.

These would work just as well for kids' coloring books as they would for professional fine art projects.

And here are the catalog-friendly bullet-point features:

• ERGONOMIC: Jumbo Triangular shape helps kids to learn the proper tripod grip, while also easy on arthritic hands
• WATER-SOLUBLE SOFT CORE: Thick, extra-soft core allows for smoother coloring and easier burnishing. Blend with a wet brush for continuous tones and vibrant color gradients
• ESSENTIAL COLORS: Rich color pigments and great variety of tones with corresponding PMS values

Pack of 12
  • Pack of 12 colored pencils